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Our Philosophy

JSA is a program that enables a child to express feelings, come to grip with reality and master skills. It includes Math, Music, Art, Writing, Reading, Science, Phys ed, Social Studies, Hebrew, Language Arts, Geography, Tutoring, and many extra curricular activities such as Computers, Culinary art, Oceanography, Art, Chess, Karate, Spanish, Dance and more, all with professional instructors. We are a licensed facility that follows high educational standards. The staff follows a tailor made curriculum for each age level. The students are tested and evaluated yearly in addition to the regular ongoing weekly and monthly evaluations.

Report cards, Weekly Progress reports, Parent Teacher Meetings and ongoing communication with the parents is why we are so successful with each and every child. We have a history to prove our success. We make a connection between school, home, the child and his/her environment.
The children are exposed to everything and anything that is needed for their proper growth intellectually, emotionally, and socially.
There are regular field trips to various museums, shows, libraries, etc. various visitors from all different walks of life come and present themselves to the children.
The children perform monthly for the parents and the community from
the various topics that they learned.

We love children. That is why we educate them this way!

The Jewish school of the Arts welcomes every Jewish child regardless of background or affiliation. We believe each child learns best in an environment that is rich in hands on experiences. We provide for the physical, intellectual and emotional growth of the children through activities that are child directed and teacher guided. Children are encouraged to use their senses to explore, experiment and use their imagination to the fullest. Children gain readiness skills for future learning through dramatic play, visual aides, manipulatives and use of centers within the classroom. Our staff works closely with each child to help develop their self-esteem through problem solving, encouraging self expression and offering positive reinforcement. If you are looking for an outstanding School for your child, we invite you to join The Jewish School of the Arts.

Our staff is carefully selected based upon their education, credentials and experience. Our staff is warm, nurturing and loving. They recognize each child as an individual and strive to meet their unique needs. Our teachers delight in the children and provide them with the greatest gift of all, a love of learning.

Our classes are held in a warm and friendly environment that foster learning and creative expression. In our program, we utilize an extensive supply of learning tools, games, and an array of manipulative's to give our children the hand-on experience that they need to expand their imagination as well as to develop their motor skills. Our outdoor area is designed and equipped to challenge and entertain children safely.

True discipline is aimed at building up within the child what we call a conscience. This is the self discipline which will one day keep him doing what he should and behaving as he ought, even if there is nobody to tell him what to do or notice if he does wrong.
Our teachers set an example. We make sure that good behavior gets rewarded. We are positive "Do, works better than don't" We tell your child why. Without a reason, s/he cannot fit a particular instruction into the general pattern of "how to behave", that s/he is building up in his/her mind. We trust your child to mean well. If your child feels that we are always standing over him/her, s/he will probably not bother to think very much about what s/he ought or ought not to do. We try to make him/her feel that we trust him/her to handle it.
We are consistent, we try to avoid problems, in the first place.